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Terms and Conditions

Using this website implies acceptance of the following terms and conditions. We recommend reading them carefully. Inspir3 Labs SRL reserves the right to modify these provisions without prior notice. The most recent version can be accessed on this page.

Accessing/visiting this website is subject to the Terms and Conditions and Terms of Use and implies your explicit acceptance of them, representing the agreement between parties.

The relationship between the parties is governed by the following regulations:

  • Government Ordinance No. 21/1992 on consumer protection

  • Government Emergency Ordinance No. 34/2014 on consumer rights in contracts with professionals

  • Law No. 363/2007 on combating unfair commercial practices in consumer relations and harmonizing regulations with European consumer protection legislation

  • Law No. 365/2002 on electronic commerce

Inspir3 Labs SRL guarantees limited access to the site  for personal use (placing online orders, information), and does not grant the right to download or modify the site, reproduce it wholly or partially, copy, sell/resell or exploit the site in any other manner, for commercial purposes or without prior written consent.

The entire content of the site - images, texts, graphics, symbols, web graphic elements, emails, scripts, programs, and other data - is the property of Inspir3 Labs SRL and its suppliers and is protected by the Copyright Law (Law No. 8/1996) and laws on intellectual and industrial property. Use of any elements listed above without Inspir3 Labs SRL's consent is punishable according to the law.

The domain is owned by Inspir3 Labs SRL. The use of this trademark, domain, or trading names, logos, and emblems, directly or "hidden" (such as but not limited to, meta tags or other indexing/search techniques) without prior written permission is prohibited and punishable by law.

Products presented on are produced and sold by Inspir3 Labs SRL. Product prices can change at any time. Check the final sale price before purchasing a product.

Delivery Conditions

All ordered products can be delivered within a maximum of 48 hours from the order date.

Fancourier delivery costs (within the country):

  • 18.50 lei/first kg and 1.5 lei for each additional kg

  • For packages exceeding 51 kg, the cost becomes 2.5 lei/kg

Local deliveries:

  • 13.50 lei/first kg and 1.5 lei for each additional kg

  • For packages exceeding 51 kg, the cost becomes 2.5 lei/kg

Urgent deliveries (next day):

  • Regions: 35 lei/first kg and 2.5 lei for each additional kg

  • Local: 25 lei/first kg and 2.5 lei for each additional kg

For any order exceeding 1000 lei, transportation costs will be covered by our company.

Return Conditions

An e-voucher represents the digital version of a gift card/voucher provided by Inspir3 Labs SRL partners. E-vouchers or gift cards/vouchers can be used to purchase any goods or products from Inspir3 Labs SRL partner stores. Exceptions, if any, will be communicated specifically by each partner.

E-vouchers or gift cards/vouchers available for sale on the Inspir3 app are not nominative; they can be used by the purchaser or freely transferred to another person. Customers cannot return a purchased e-voucher or gift card/voucher and cannot request a refund for any amount available in the e-voucher or gift card/voucher balance. The available amount on the e-voucher or gift card/voucher cannot be converted into other payment methods and cannot be transferred to other cards. Upon the expiration of the e-voucher or gift card/voucher validity period, any unused balance cannot be refunded to the customer.

If the customer cannot use an e-voucher or gift card/voucher due to technical issues that cannot be resolved, the following procedure will apply:

  • The customer will communicate via email to the reason for the return request and will mention the identification code of the e-voucher or gift card/voucher.

  • The Inspir3 Labs SRL team will forward the e-voucher or gift card/voucher to the supplier to verify if it was used by the customer and identify the reported technical issues.

  • If the supplier confirms the technical issue reported by the customer, the e-voucher or gift card/voucher will be canceled and the customer will receive a replacement e-voucher or gift card/voucher.

  • If replacement is not possible and the supplier confirms the technical insufficiency, Inspir3 Labs SRL will refund the amount paid by the customer at the time of purchase of the e-voucher or gift card/voucher, less any cashback obtained during the transaction.

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