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  • What is Inspir3?
    Inspir3 is a multi-brand lifestyle loyalty and rewards application. It allows users owning the Inspir3NFT to unlock a world of rewards including cash-back, exclusive discounts, VIP access, and distinctive experiences. Moreover, Inspir3 serves as a powerful tool for brands, enabling them to deepen customer connections, and redefine the essence of loyalty.
  • How do I use Inspir3
    Access the app at - this will become available just before the launch date - end of April 2024. Account setup just requires your xPortal wallet or a gmail address. Once you check in at your favorite shop and use the app, you’ll immediately start earning cash-back , unlocking rewards, and leveling up your regular status.
  • Where can I use Inspir3?
    Inspir3 is currently available in thousands of locations in Romania for the in-real-store checkout experience, alongside a global presence for online shopping with attractive cash-back and discounts. We are continually expanding to new markets. The best way to discover Inspir3 benefits is in the Web app. Just tap on the map icon on the top right and you will be dropped in and can explore all retailers on Inspir3.
  • Why VR & AR?
    We believe in the Convergence of AI, Spatial Computing, and Blockchain. We believe in mixed reality to enhance brand value. We give people superpowers: a sixth sense by bringing digital assets and virtual companions for the world’s biggest brands into their field of view. All you need is your mobile phone.
  • What are the payment options?
    You can top-up your Inspir3NFT for cash-back with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Master Card, Visa.
  • How can I spend my cash-back?
    The choice is yours – spend your cash back anywhere, not just with merchants on our list. For example, redeem 10% cash back from IKEA, then get your complimentary latte at your favorite local coffee shop. Even better: channel your cash-back to top up your DataNFT to receive even more cash back when buying that latte at Starbucks! The possibilities are endless!
  • How do I claim membership? Does membership ever expire?
    You can claim memberships right from our in-app by claiming your Inspir3NFT. To see your membership benefits, tap on a specific Merchant, then scroll down to see the type of rewards visits will unlock. Your premium membership will never expire as long as you hold onto your Inspir3NFT.
  • What types of rewards can I earn?
    Each Merchant works with Inspir3 to set up its own bespoke program. Unlock everything from cash-back, coupons, surprise discounts, private event invites, exclusive merch. More top-ups also earn you Inspir3 Points which you can use to redeem rewards from Inspir3 and selected Merchants.
  • Can I trade my rewards?
    Perhaps the most exciting facet of web3 loyalty is true ownership. Members can hold a digital piece of a brand, and this “token” of loyalty isn’t just symbolic: it can be traded, sold or kept as a collectible. Yes, members will be able to trade their rewards on secondary markets.
  • How do I refer someone?
    To refer someone, you must have the Founder’s Collection Inspir3NFT. Navigate to your profile or to the specific referral page that you want to refer your friend to and tap the refer button. Then follow the onscreen steps.
  • How do I obtain an invite to Inspir3?
    As an invite-only application, new users can obtain an invite code from Founders friends already using the application or look for access codes on or shared by Founders users on Twitter and other social media channels.
  • Can I use Inspir3 more than 1x a day?
    You can check in multiple times per day, the more you top-up and use your Inspir3NFT the higher your status.
  • What are the Inspir3Points?
    Inspir3 points are the off-chain Inspir3 rewards currency, which is redeemable for free vouchers, digital items, merch, and more insider goodness. Your Inspir3 account will automatically update with the amount of points earned for the engagements and top-ups. Your balance and status is located at the top of your app home screen.
  • What blockchain is Inspir3 built on?
    Inspir3 is built on MultiversX. All DataNFTs are currently held on MultiversX wallet xPortal.
  • How does xPortal work?
    The xPortal wallet is a non-custodial wallet provided by MultiversX. All of your Inspir3NFTs and Merchant SFTs are held in your xPortal wallet. While we do not support key export today, we are working hard to provide this service for our users in the future.
  • Are the Inspir3Points tradable as a token?
    Currently the Inspir3 Points are only redeemable in our app. Points are expected to translate to tokens for Inspir3 governance and Inspir3 Founders will have priority to token benefits.
  • Do I have to pay gas fees?
    Inspir3 covers all gas fees for minting of Inspir3NFTs in your xPortal wallet. Any other actions taken with your wallet outside of Inspir3 may incur gas fees.
  • What are the advantages of Data NFTs over traditional QR codes?
    Data NFTs provide numerous benefits: ownership, marketplace tradeability, divisibility, programmability, upgradability, on-chain traceability, secure wallet storage, tier support, gamification, royalty schemes, rewards, voting privileges, and exclusive access.
  • What is your refund policy?
    Inspir3 does not offer refunds. Please email for any questions.
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