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Shop rewards. Daily.

Earn instant cash-back, perks, status and points at amazing retailers.

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How Inspir3 works


Inspir3 NFT

Begin your journey by acquiring your unique DataNFT, your passport to unlocking a world where digital and physical perks blend seamlessly.

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Top-up and Earn

Top up your NFT and watch as cashback, discounts, points and rewards accumulate. Most people save over 2000 RON every year with us.

Spend Anywhere

Spend your accrued cash-back freely, without constraints. Whether within the Inspir3 merchant network or beyond, the choice is yours.

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Get cashback, status, points, and perks

Discover the brands that match your personality and connect to them. Top up your NFT,  and earn instant cashback.

Refer and earn.
On chain.

Inspir3 is an exclusive invite-only program. Get your referral boost and earn up to 50% passive income by referring friends. Average earnings exceed 20 EGLD.

Trade your benefits 3.0

Members will be able to trade their rewards on secondary markets.

Not your usual loyalty app.

Image by Fernando Freitas

Own your assets and get immersive experiences in our Spaces.

VR Lounge

Image by Remy Amsterdam

Expand with AR

Hunt for NFTs and rewards in shared augmented reality.


Inspir3 Cards

Designed with your unique NFT. Reserved for the founding owners of the Inspir3 Collection. Join our waiting list.

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Core Team


Cătălin Bărăscu

Co-Founder & CEO


Ciprian Iacob

Co-Founder & Co-CEO


Eddie Nuță

Co-Founder & CTO


Răzvan Stătescu

Co-Founder & Chief Achitect

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