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Inspir3 NFT. Own it.

Earn, spend and trade your values natively:

your data, your money, your rewards, your collectibles.

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Your Lifestyle

Your Power

Brands need to stand out as customers are demanding personalisation if they seek to earn their attention and their loyalty. Gamification allows brands to deepen customer relationships and build an emotional connection through dynamic loyalty programs.

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Why Web3

Smart contracts are more secure, provide clear ownership, and foster trust and community compared to QR codes in loyalty programs. Smart contracts are stored on a decentralized blockchain network and enforce the terms of an agreement automatically, while QR codes can be easily copied or altered and lack clear ownership definitions.

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The most valuable currency.

Customer Attention

We guide.

Enterprises and IP owners in the next iteration of consumer behavior.

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A cultural change opens a new chapter for the data economy

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A digital pipeline through which data streams can flow selectively across consumers and enterprises

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Cashback, discounts, reward points stored and traded safely on chain

Inspir3 NFT

Earn, spend and trade your values natively: your data, your money, your rewards, your collectibles. Unlock access to new benefits and immersive experiences – both physically and digitally.

Smart contracts are used to guarantee your digital identity is kept private forever, keeping the data in your ownership and automating the process of earning, redeeming and trading your rewards.

Core Team


Cătălin Bărăscu

Co-Founder & Executive


Ciprian Iacob

Co-Founder & Executive


Eddie Nuță

Co-Founder & CTO


Răzvan Stătescu

Co-Founder & Chief Achitect

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